All that matters is NOW

January 1st was not our one chance to get 2018 "right."

It is absolutely positively not the measuring stick in which we need to measure if we are living up to and into our greatness.

All we have is right now.

This moment.

Are you honouring your truth?
Are you being compassionate with yourself? Are you taking an action towards the destination you have decided (with clarity) is aligned for you?

Right now, is all we have.

Breathe into that.

Again and again and again.

Embrace the now.

Lean in and choose yourself.

In the moment.

Over and over and over again.

We are not broken. We have not failed.

We are the magicians of our life.

Magic is in the right now.

Can you feel it?


rumi moment.jpg

Home is Where:


Joy is.

Home is where you are.

All of you.

YUP. Every single bit of you, right from your crown to your ground. Your very being. Joy is.

Take a breath. Can you hear it? Feel it? Can you claim it as your own?

If you believe that Joy is your birth right...If you believe that Joy is your true innate knowing, your resting heart rate if you will....If you believe that Joy is limitless and available to all.

Welcome home.

I have created this space especially for you. 

To be clear, I understand that one can be so sure of Joy in the same moment that pain and anguish seem to be here to stay.

But you know.

You know that pain and anguish are just visitors.

Powerful, transformative, messengers but they are visitors nonetheless.

So you wait. You ride the waves, you try our best to love yourself through it all and you look. Eyes and heart wide open. You look for Joy wherever you can. You feel for Joy whenever you can. And have gratitude for knowing so innately that Joy is somewhere on this side of the rainbow.

Joy is yours to claim.

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