Revered resources

These individuals/groups/courses/books etc. have made a huge impact on my journey to truth. I will do my best to share them in chronological order of my own introductions to their magic (although my intuition has me adding it at all different times as it comes!) in hopes to provide you a vast picture of not only my journey but perhaps save you some time on your own personal journey. I believe I would be keeping from you great gifts if I did not include them here for your perusal. Remember-if you feel anything like a whisper to learn more, lean in, listen and explore for yourself.


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Calm your Mind, Mind your Calm.

Wendy of The Calm Monkey has played such a pivotal role in my journey to truth. She came into my world while I was still working my corporate job and thought meditation was all about not having any thoughts! Boy was I ever wrong! My meditation journey started in the safe space of Wendy's teachings once a week on my lunch break and has since expanded to a daily personal practice. I could go on about the science but truthfully? I recommend exploring this mindfulness practice for yourself.  I shared the link to some free recordings for you to experience the gift of Wendy but I highly recommend exploring all of what she offers as her impact has expanded in such a wonderful way "Creating a Mindful World Together."


Expand your Mind, Expand your World.

The Tool of Mindscape was introduced to me shortly after I came across BodyTalk as it is a Life Science offered by the International BodyTalk Association (IBA.) I took this two day course and it completely blew my mind in the most wonderful way. I now use it daily and believe it has helped me manifest many of the magical things my world now includes. Practice produces relaxing states and stimulates a process of de-stressing of body and mind. The techniques also allow insight into one's individual process, the workings of the subconscious, conditioning and paradigm limitations and the true nature of what we are capable of achieving. Most importantly, MindScape provides the practical tools for tapping into this potential.

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Fuel your Body, Fuel your Life.

Please click here to learn more about my partnership with a heart centered company whose vision is to impact world health, free people from physical and financial pain and in the process create the largest health and wellness company in the world.

Their no compromise products, values, community and compensation plan have impacted my life in ways that I never expected. I am offering them here because I believe deeply they can impact you too.

If you feel called and are open to learn more, I encourage you to watch this video. It might not be for you but if it is, I promise you will not regret these 2 minutes and 32 seconds.



So much more to be added..stay tuned