Sacred Testimony


The opportunity to work with my clients from a soul to soul level is sacred. Here are a few of the testimonials I have received from my clients:

"Oh my gosh Marjolaine! I had the best, most restful sleep I have had in ages. I'm feeling so centered, present and if I'm being honest, happier and like a weight has been lifted. I feel like I have integrated all that's going on AND have what I need to be present and move forward with ease. Thank you!!"

Cara Halber of Nourish-Soul-Full-y

"I just wanted to give a lil update. Today has been very different than the average day these last couple of months. I have teared up several times-specifically when I receive knowing or truths. When I tear up I've been wondering-are these happy tears or sad tears? They should be happy but I am not feeling emotion when they happen...I also have been drinking water faster. I have done two tapping (cortices) sessions, they feel good and I actually feel inclined to sit outside and read a book with my feet in the grass. I am thinking I am in need of deep healing and grounding. Also I have been able to see/catch myself in very counterproductive thinking-which I think I have numbed myself to seeing in the last couple of months!!! Thank you for taking my hand and guiding my through to see the truth!!x You are a very special, much needed light worker Marjolaine."

Trisha Matthews

"My experience with Marjolaine was more than amazing. She was able to help me get through blocks that my mind and body were holding on to. We laughed and cried and did both at the same time. I am forever grateful for what this has done for me and how it's helped me. I will always and forever be a returning Customer!"

Sabrina Baker

"Doing my first BodyTalk session ever-Marjolaine made me feel comfortable and at ease. She helped me get through internal blocks that I did not know consciously existed. She was able to pinpoint areas in my life that needed a light to be shined on. She then allowed me the space to relax and let go of those internal blockages that I had. Marjolaine has a powerful energy field, I could feel her presence throughout the entire session."

Kimberly Gillard

"Wow! What an amazing experience!" Even just walking into the "Zen Den" I felt instantly in a safe place. After having the process explained to me and walking me through the steps we would take, I was so excited to dive into this new experience I was about to have.

The oracle cards were so fascinating to me. Marjolaine read and explained each card and how they related to what was going on. The whole process of BodyTalk was amazing but I loved this part the most.

With each formula created I felt relief and release. I have never experienced anything so instantly relieving before. I highly recommend this to anyone. I can not wait until my next session.

Danielle W.